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與Worldchance Incorporation Limited.簽訂網站建設合同


項目名稱:WorldchanceIncorporationLimited.網站建設 項目網址:www.world-chance.com 公司簡介: WeareanestablishedHongKongbasedcompanywi

項目名稱:Worldchance Incorporation Limited.網站建設



We are an established Hong Kong based company with deep roots in China and Sri Lanka. We have extensive chain of suppliers for different products and a dedicated team for sourcing, negotiating, following up on pre and post production, inspecting before shipment, and forwarding etc.  
We have been in the field for the last twenty years and have extensive network all over the world. Our regualar products are displayed but not limited on the website, while we are expertise in sourcing new products and customising products as per customer's need.    
We extend our sincere support for all new customers while being greatful to the existing clients for their trust which we value and dispense our duties with the utmost diligence always.
We heartily welcome to contact our office or us directly through mail, messenger or telephone for any clarification or enquiry at anytime.

關鍵詞標簽:星洋外貿網站建設有限公司,與Worldchance Incorporation Limited.簽訂網站建設合同